Empathy Zone - Counselling that inspires

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Empathy Zone - Redefining Counselling

Welcome to Empathy Zone professional therapeutic counselling service. My name is Peter and I am a Therapeutic Counsellor MBACP (Accred) abiding by their Ethical Framework. My accreditation recognises my capacity for independent, ethical and competent practice. It also demonstrates that I have achieved high standards of knowledge, experience and development.

Empathy Zone is first and foremost a safe, confidential and highly engaging, non-intrusive environment, established to support individuals in resolving their traumatic experiences. During a unique counselling process, you are surrounded by an atmosphere of unshakable acceptance, safety and deep hope. This is the basis on which all my therapeutic encounters are rooted, unfold and flourish.

To make your own therapeutic change possible, you need to know about and, in time, be prepared to embrace, a number of transformational challenges, such as:

  • Being deeply listened to
  • Finding your own voice
  • Hearing yourself
  • Getting in touch with your senses 
  • Experiencing yourself
  • Staying in touch with and expressing your feelings and emotions
  • Understanding your avoidance/denial 
  • Developing and trusting your intuition

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2nd October has been chosen as the INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR EMPATHIC ACTION. In my counselling practice EMPATHY always has its day.